New Roving Archivist application posted

The updated application form for the Roving Archivist program is now available. The categories have been updated:

Strategic Assessment of Your Institution and Program Review
This category of assistance is for institutions that are assessing their needs or would like an outside review of their policies, procedures and workflows. The Roving Archivist (RA) will engage with staff/volunteers, including leadership, to understand the program. The RA will review the condition of the collections and address the basic components of running an archives, such as the importance of collection development policies, disaster planning, and preservation. The RA will complete a report of recommendations and a list of resources customized to the needs of the institution within 30 days of the visit. All institutions receiving these services will be listed in the Commonwealth Historical Collaborative directory (
Applicants will also receive follow-up services from the RA, such as assistance in creating appropriate policy and procedure statements, support in addressing the issues raised in the report, and review of grant proposals.

Arrangement and Description Training
This category of assistance will provide guidance and training for the arrangement and description of collections held by small and medium sized institutions. The materials being processed are chosen by the applicants, but the SHRAB recommends that collections of 10 linear feet or less be used for this training. The Roving Archivist (RA) will provide rudimentary training to the staff/volunteers of the institution in the basics of archival processing. Collections arranged and described through this category will be added to the institution’s catablog (an online catalog) that is linked from the Commonwealth Historical Collaborative directory.

Building your CHC Catablog
The Roving Archivist will provide training to institutions that want to create or update their entry in the Commonwealth Historical Collaborative (CHC) directory. The CHC provides a single, comprehensive interface for the public to locate information about cultural and historical materials in Massachusetts. In addition to having an entry in the directory, the CHC provides an opportunity for institutions to create a free catablog, or an online catalog, to provide access to descriptions of their collections. This category is intended for institutions that have already described at least some of their collections and need help getting them online and discoverable


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